Meet the team

After having a bad fall coming of a kicker and breaking her back Kate couldn't snowboard the same as she has for over 15 years. Now suddenly no more tricks, jumps or dry slope.. But still with a huge passion for snowboarding a BASI instructor and keen designer along with her business qualifications the skills all transferred well. After a lot of time, hard work and patience the brand came together. With such a great snow sports community this new Scottish snowboard brand norVern found its place.

we aim to keep working along side the fantastic snow sports scene and will continue to be part of this little family that is the snowboarding community. We try to bring a mix of snowboards for all rider abilities. And we are growing each year and try to support each and every customer as best we can.

Greg's background has been mainly office based working in big companies being a busy manager. However his drive for success, organisation and people skills have transferred over nicely. He enjoys riding in our fantastic Scottish mountains.

i really enjoy working for norVern and the challenges it brings all the time offering something new and exciting. I continue to learn things every day here and that's great.

Can you join our team?

norVern team rider
mikko brings many years experience to the team, he's got a very individual style in his snowboarding often riding in cities and finding the unique, unusual but amazing places to shoot. We are looking forward to sharing his style with you all.

I'm from Oulu Finland, I started snowboarding in 1990. I like to ride rails, jumps and powder. I rode 10 years for Nidecker as a professiona snowboarder, and trevelled around the world in contests and photoshoots. After that i rode for fun when ever i wanted, i was still sponsored by a Finnish snowboard company called Icon this company does not exist anymore. I´m lookin forward to start filming a new videopart and shoot photos for norVern.. I´m also a sponsored skateboarder, and play drums in a punkband. Feel free to check out my instagram @gettokitchen_

norVern team rider
Reuben is a super keen snowboarder he's a sick freestyler learning new tricks all the time and progressing weekly. We are sure he'll just get better and better and we are looking forward to many exciting things to come.

I'm 19 years young and I started snowboarding in 2014. Before that I did skiing for a year then decided I wanted to come over to the dark side. During my 4 years of riding I have worked as instructor for 3 and a half of those at a dry slope in stoke. Ever since, I have loved every second of riding, meeting new people, making new friends and it making me the person who I am today.
My love is not just set on snowboarding itself, all parts rails, jumps, deep pow all of it is just one heck of an amazing thing and the Norvern boards make this whole experience so much more exciting

norVern team rider
Chris only started snowboarding in 2014 he started competing in 2015 where he won his first medal, shortly after this he discovered SBX and was hooked! He quickly became u12 champion in 2016 and has won many more competitions since. He's also a member of the GBX National academy he's getting better and better with freestyle and we look forward to what he bring to the team.

I'm absolutely stoked to the moon and back to ride for norVern, the pro camber is providing to be an absolutely amazing board for SBX and I'm really looking forward to letting it go. The freestyle board is amazing too and I love how much pop it's got.

Rosie and Emily
norVern team riders

These two sisters are only young but they are already throwing down some sick tricks. They did amazing at LAAX this year and last competing against some big boys but still came home with some medals themselves|.. They are getting better and better every time they ride and we are so excited to have them with us, share their journey with them and watch them progress.