Pro camber


Magne traction

Race board fibreglass combination

Lightweight core

Stiff flex

Blunt nose

Camber profile

Durable top sheet

Wide sizes available

Our norVern pro camber is a snowboard built for charging hard and hitting the bigger kickers, it's a board for confident intermediate upwards.

We've combined a flex 8 camber with a blunt nose shape and added magne traction to the edges this gives a board quick to turn, fast at carving and grips anything when you need it too. But we've also added carbon rods in solid places and topped it all off with fibre glass combinations only found in race boards.. this mashed together creates our aggressive beast of a pro snowboard..

Type, all mountain bamboo core
Shape, Twin ends blunt nose
Camber, flex 7- 8 stiffer flex
Edges, full steel magne traction
Width, regular and wide
Core, fibreglass race board combination and patterning
Carbon rod
Top sheet, sublimation
Base, sintered 7700
Stance, none
Ability level, advanced
Warranty, 1 year

More detailed tech available and measurements