Park rocker

The norVern park blunt nose rocker these are snowboards full of fun, they will leave you smiling no matter where you are on the mountain.

These snowboards offer you a lot, the rocker shape gives you a large flat section between your bindings with the two ends lifted off the snow.
Because of this shape our rockers float over the powder and don't catch an edge. We have made these boards with a blunt nose tip and tail this gives the snowboard a looser more playful feel with even more float. These boards offer a fun and responsive ride they perform fantastically in the park, pressing butters or cutting through fresh powder.
They offer a great option for beginners riding slower than cambers and are less aggressive. They turn easily and so you will hopefully fall over less.

This is a soft flex board that gives plenty of pop, the bamboo core keeps it strong for the park and stable out of it.