So much snow

So much snow

Friday 23rd February 2018

So winters been good to us this year, the snow gods have been dumping on us and there's been some epic powder days out there.

Our taster days up at Glencoe have been extremely successful so far. We have had one in January and one in February both with amazing snow conditions and plenty of happy snowboarders out trying our range. We seem to get more and more riders joining us for a try so that's great. Our next day is the 17th and 18th March so come on up and have a go. The weather is due to get cold again next week with lots more snow.... it's looking like a good long season.

We've got a few new members joining our team very soon and more about them to follow, but we are very excited to have them join us.

We've got a few new designs coming out and we are stoked to share them soon.

We've also got a few more contest we are supporting before the winters over so lots going on in the world of norVern.