It’s winter at last

It's winter at last

Wednesday 29th November 2017

We are excited to see the Scottish resorts starting to open for the season before December is even here.

We have a few new members joining our team this winter, firstly I'd like to say a massive welcome to new team rider Reuben he's a snowboard instructor at Stoke ski centre, he's also amazing at freestyle and we are looking forward to sharing all his photos and videos with you all.

We would also like to announce our partnership for the winter with winterized a fun loving adventure seeking couple who have quit their jobs, left their houses and packed up into a campervan for the winter. They are heading out to the alps blogging all about the interesting things and the questions we always have and no one can answer. They've got them selfs norVern boards to help make their trip of a lifetime just that little bit more memorable. And we will share their blogs with you.

We've got the 2nd round of the Scottish Triple crown contest coming up in Aberdeen on the 2nd December.

And we have lots and lots of taster days coming up at all the Scottish resorts with special offers and discounts, it was a shame last winter with the lack of snow so we are sure to make the most of it this year... come up and try our snowboards. Dates posted soon.