norVern snowboards: Achieved here, advance anywhere

norVern snowboards are a Scottish based company. Our range includes park snowboards, all mountain snowboards and our aggressive stiff pro snowboard all available with a huge range of sizes. We also offer kids snowboards at a much softer flex and a light weight core.
We have snowboards for beginners up to advanced riders with plenty of choice, a board for powder, a board for park and yep boards for those blue bird days when you just want to carve your way down the mountain.

We also offer custom designs, custom sizes and any flex. We will happily work with you to create that perfect snowboard even if you just want to change a colour in our graphics we can do any combination no problem!

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norVern is a company ran by and owned by snowboarders. We support and work alongside the snowsports community making sure all our products are as enjoyable and reliable as they can be, and always trying to do our part in preserving the mountains we all love to be out on so much, we make sure to use recycled eco friendly materials when we can.

Here at norVern we are always expanding our range and our knowledge so you can be sure to get the right answer for any questions you have, and a new snowboard Shape, style or material is just around the corner..